IP: squeejcraft.pro
squeejcraft.com will also work  (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Java and Bedrock compatible :D
For the best experience, we recommend using the Java version.

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SqueejCraft Pro Description PvE/PvP (hard difficulty)

SqueejCraft.Pro is a hard difficulty, semi-vanilla smp server built by (and for) a community of Minecraft enthusiasts, designed to respect Mojang's vision by ensuring that the raw vanilla experience remains in-tact without sacrificing server functionality or gameplay quality. 

Along with our main server, we also run all of our original servers on the same network (we don't like resets) and they can be accessed anytime by typing /x.

Our servers run on high end hardware, which means no sacrifices to game mechanics, view distance or mob spawn rates. 

Because of our 'quality vs quantity' approach, we have alot of extra headroom which allows us to be auto-farm friendly, redstone friendly, and exploit friendly (such as tnt duping or bedrock breaking). It's as if you're playing single player Minecraft, but with other people.

As a semi-vanilla server, we provide a detailed and generous land claim system to protect your builds from griefers, a shopping district as well as a trade shop system for creating your own shops using signs and chests, the ability to teleport to other players by sending them teleport requests, 1 home-teleport point for everyone, and a toggleable PvP system that doesn't drop your xp or items. However what makes us unique isn't the features we have added, it's what we haven't added:

+ There is no virtual economy, you can only buy and trade using in game items such as Diamonds. 

+ There are no ranks or gameplay buffs. In vanilla Minecraft, it requires skill to get ahead.

+ There is no back command or keep-inventory, no starter items or kits.

+ There are no complicated plugins or faction systems, the most complex thing you'll ever do is claim land.

+ There are no toxic players. Our #1 rule is 'be chill' and it works.

One thing we did manage to add however, is an amazing community and an awesome staff team. So come check us out :D

SqueejCraft Original PvE/PvP (hard difficulty)

Access original SqueejCraft servers by typing /x after logging in

Description: SqueejCraft is a network of vanilla Minecraft servers, with a focus on quality game mechanics, epic world borders and generous farm caps. There is no Clearlagg, no mob cleaning, no disappearing entities. It's basically single-player but with other people. We accomplish this by running a network 5 smaller servers on high end, overclocked hardware. Each server is built with the game mechanics and mob-spawn rates that Mojang intended for you to experience. Not all of our servers are the same however and each one is inspired by several vanilla genres found throughout the multiplayer universe of Minecraft.

SqueejCraft Original Servers

Semi-Vanilla PvE: A teleport friendly survival server with land claims and other a few other community inspired features, including mineable spawners, chest shops, PvP toggle and staff-set warps 

Vanilla PvE: A no-teleport vanilla server with land claims and a few quality of life improvements, such as the ability to create chest shops or toggle PvP. You can start at a random location by right clicking the sign at spawn

Pure Vanilla PvP : Very few rules or plugins to protect you from others. Cheating /discriminatory language however is not allowed anywhere in the network. Due to it's simplicity, Pure Vanilla has some of the best vanilla buffs in the network.

Hardcore PvP: This isn’t your typical hardcore server. This is Vanilla hardcore. Dying puts you into spectator indefinitely. Staff cannot resurrect you if you die, you cannot donate to be revived, and lag is not an excuse. Please be prepared before logging in

Creative (whitelist): A simple creative server with the ability to change game modes anytime, featuring abilities similar to Semi-Vanilla. There is no world edit on this server and it’s main purpose is to host server events or to allow players to test builds before dedicating their resources in a survival server

Network Performance Features (universal):

Vanilla mob-spawn/despawn behavior

Generous farm caps/no mob cleaning

No floor-item or entity cleaning

No game-mechanic nerfs

Vanilla server view distance

Fast chunk load speeds

Redstone friendly

Auto farm friendly

Epic world borders

Generous piston, observer and hopper limits

How to connect (java):
Once the game is open, click the Multiplayer tab, then click Add Server and enter the IP of your preferred server that’s posted above. Give it a name and click done. From there you can simply double click us from the server list at any time to log in. After logging in, a menu will pop up with all available servers, pick the one that suits you best and be sure to type /help in-game for a complete rundown of the server you’re logged in to. Don’t forget to also type /rules at some point to make sure you’re not breaking any.

If you're ever confused in game, just type /help (for bedrock, type /about).